Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Course Contents for MMM

MMM is considered to be one of the preferred courses of the management field. The need to complete this course can be for several reasons; one of the contributing factors is the need to have marketing as your base.
The course contents of MMM are as follows -
Semester 1

101. Principles & Practice of Management
102. Principles of Marketing
103. Fundamentals of Management Accounting
104. Managerial Economics
105. Research Methodology
106. Consumer Behavior
107. Business Communication
108. Fundamentals of Information Technology

Semester 2

201. Services Marketing
202. Retail Marketing
203. Sales Management & Personal Selling
204. Distribution Management & Logistics
205. Relationship Marketing
207. Indian Economic Environment
208. Field Work + SPSS

Semester 3

301. International Marketing
302. Marketing and Laws
303. Financial Services Marketing
304. Marketing Communication
305. Retail Operations Management
306. Project Work
307. Foreign Language
308. Virtual Marketing Management

Semester 4

401. Brand Management
402. Strategic Marketing
403. Export Documentation & Forex
404. Direct Marketing
405. Industrial Marketing
406. Rural & Agricultural Marketing
407. Entrepreneurship Development & Project Management
408. Foreign Language

Gain extensive knowledge in learning MMM which is best in the industry. The corporate sector wants graduates which have the learning in MMM field. Marketing Management and concepts of Philip Kotler can be understood in this course. It is affiliated to University of Pune, we at IMCOST precisely know how to train students in attaining their dreams.

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