Friday, October 19, 2012

BMS from Mumbai University

Bachelors degree is the first step towards a lucrative career, having interests in BMS (Bachelors in Management Students) can show an inclination towards entrepreneurship. IMCOST host BMS which is affiliated to University of Mumbai, setting your career goals in the right direction and embed them in topics of BMS can actually prove essential in an entrepreneurship. Management studies understand the functioning of any industrial sector, management is a vast topic, and experts do not have a concrete definition of this term. Project and assignment needs to be completed at the end of the last semester, students face maximum corporate based exposure during this tenure. They get hands on experience on theories and concepts that have been learnt in the course, it empowers the students to adapt themselves in the ever changing background of the management sectors.

The admission procedure for BMS is easy; the student needs to clear his MAH-MCA-CET exam which is conducted by the Competent Authority. IMCOST conducts personal interviews for the candidates that have cleared the CET score according to the selection criteria. Job opportunities are in abundance as BMS also promotes sectors like Import-Export, Multinational IT Companies, Commercial Banks, Financial Institutions, and Foreign Trade and so on. The demand for graduates with BMS degree is on an upward curve, they have the ability to multitask and offer solutions to problems faced in the management world and that’s the main reason for their demand. Feel free to log on to our website for more information on BMS, website has all the details that you need in perspective of the course.

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