Thursday, August 9, 2012

Part Time Courses for Working Graduates

Part Time Courses can actually work wonders when it comes to completing your post graduation. We at IMCOST conduct Part Time Courses which can be taken by students who are also pursuing their office and other business related activities. This course has been specifically designed to suit the needs of a working student, the timings are in evening so that he gets to attend office and then attend lectures. Round the clock support from faculty members is provided in clearing his doubts about several course related topics. Flexible lectures which can support his working as priority, attendance is also not counted, this can actually work wonders as he would be required to be present for the exams and submissions. Yes, he needs to submit letters from the organization he is working and he is levied from attending lectures.

We have our own website which can be checked to know more about Part Time Courses. All you need to do is go through our website and give us a call. We have updated our website in regards to course details, if you have any sort of queries then feel free to call up. We have experienced Career Counselors who can guide you in selecting the best course for your needs; this is one way of having your career sorted out in the right manner. Part Time Courses ensures that your office is not hampered in any manner, it ensures you have time for everything and sets that education is in your priority list.

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