Monday, August 20, 2012

MMM for Advanced Market Research

MMM or Masters in Marketing Management can actually provide you all the knowledge in leading the market, its expertise will let you know theories created by Philip Kotler who is a genius in this field. We at IMCOST conduct MMM every year and ensure you get the maximum benefit of learning this course. Placement options are also given which can help in securing your future; we have companies who are listed in the Fortune 500 list and have offices around the globe. We have experienced staff in the list of faculty members; they surely know the education industry from years and have industrial exposure. Students can ask those doubts anytime of the day which they are confused about. If you need more explanation on certain topics then yes they can provide guidance in that direction and give you the perfect feedback.

We have our own website ready which can give you additional information on MMM; all you need to do is go through our website and give us a call. Our website is updated on regular basis, all the information regarding the course and admission process is mentioned on the website. MMM is a Mumbai University course which is recognized all over the world, its syllabus changes and updates itself according to the current trend followed in Marketing. As mentioned it is Philip Kotler who is considered to be the guru of Marketing Management our library is filled with books and research information related to his created theories, you can anytime visit them and study the concepts he has given.

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