Friday, February 11, 2011

IMCOST Courses

Institute of Management and Computer Studies stands with its new approach in different disciplines of education. Management skills and technical knowledge have become the most acceptable course in education, which applicants seek in large number. There growing importance have meet the need of recruiters of large organization who consider skills with intellectual vital. IMCOST courses are configured to sound reasoning and analytical knowledge. Accredited to University norms, these courses at IMCOST create difference.

Courses at IMCOST

IMCOST courses are affiliated to University of Mumbai. While imparting full time and part time courses this college helps students and professionals to meet requirements of recruiters and the growing market.

Full Time Courses

Master of Management Studies – Two years full time course helps students to enhance their skills in managerial disciplines. While giving wide choice of specialization they support them to establish their career in various spheres. Categorized into four semesters it includes Economic Environment of Business, Operations Research, Production Management, Business Law, as well as optional papers like Marketing, Finance, Systems, Operations and Personnel.

Master of Computer Applications – Three years full time course is designed to meet requirements of IT industries. Imparting applicants with software and hardware knowledge this course is divided into six semesters which includes subjects like Computer concepts, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Embedded System, Operating System, Combinatorics and probability with projects and seminars.

Bachelor of Management Studies – Three years full time course provides adequate exposure in the management field building strong foundation of students in the arena of commerce and trade. With six semesters this course is categorized into Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, International Marketing, Business Law, Industrial Law etc with projects and seminars.

Part Time Courses

Master in Marketing Management – Three years part time course imparts complete functional and theoretical knowledge in marketing sphere. Incorporated with six semesters it includes Principles of Management, Marketing Management, Business Environment, Human Resource Management, Project & Strategic Management etc.

Masters in Financial Management - Three years part time course boost knowledge of students in the field of finance and accounting. While emphasizing on managerial applications this course stands as the basic requirement of students who desire to erect their career in financial streams. With six semesters this course consists of Financial Management, Production Management, Strategy Cost Management, International Marketing, Business Ethics etc.

Master in Human Resource Development Management – This three years part time is subjected to prepare applicants for high level of managerial skills. Enhancing knowledge of students in understanding organization growth, recruiting, managing policies and procedures it marks six semesters with different subjects like Effective Communication, Manpower Planning, Taxation, Research Methodology etc with live industrial projects and seminars. For more information on these courses you can visit and furnish yourself with entire information.

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