Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Benefits of IMCOST Courses

Courses at IMCOST add value to the undertaken professions. Designed as per the market need and recruiters preferences these courses provide ample of benefits to the applicants and professionals who either want to grow in their undertaken career or prove their capabilities in large organizations. Courses at IMCOST categorize itself into part time and full time courses catering to the need of students and professionals in the most effectual manner.

MMS – This two years full time course emphasize students to learn and adopt themselves to the managerial skills. While imparting wide knowledge in management disciplines this course helps candidates to acquire position of business managers, business analysts, and executives in large organizations.

MCA - With three years of integrated education it provides equal opportunities to students to step ladder of technical knowledge with great ease. Imparting education in software and hardware sphere it trains future software professional, hardware & system analysts. Grooming them into a hard core dynamic business professional it provides much much scope for higher education.

BMS - Providing adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of Management studies it inculcates training in the use of modern technology. This three years full time course builds strong foundation of students in the field of commerce and trade. Ensuring lucrative employment opportunities as executives, trainees in private, corporate, export-import departments, financial institutions etc it enhance scope for higher education.

MMM – Enhancing knowledge of students and professionals in marketing management and its varied scope this part time three years course is subjected to help applicants in area of business applications. Raising them to the post of marketing executives, marketing managers, sales managers etc it provides opportunity in the field of advertising, international marketing etc. 

MFM – This financial management part time degree covers all the related areas of finance and accounting while emphasizing more on managerial applications. This course covers areas of auditing, financial investments etc. Helping students to build their career as financial analysts, investors in the private and public banking sectors, financial organizations and firms, it provides wide opportunity to manage national and international financial market.

MHRDM - This three years part time course helps professionals and students to secure sound position in the organizations. While imparting knowledge related to organization policies and procedures, norms, recruiting, managing business affairs it prepares candidates to hold higher positions as senior HR managers and recruiters in large organizations.

IMCOST courses excel in their applied areas. With highly acknowledged staffs and sound functioning they mark their presence among other management institutions. To avail more information you can log on to and seek assistance.

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