Friday, October 11, 2013

Masters in Finance - Secure a World Class Degree While you Work

ASM-IMCOST is your great and exciting place to pursue three years part time Masters in Finance course. The course which is affiliated to Mumbai University provides a deeper and broader understanding of finance and accounting concepts with emphasis on managerial applications.

The part time course in Masters in Financial Management provides you an opportunity to accelerate your career while you continue your current job. Classes will be held in the evenings between 6.45 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. The course is ideal for those who have basic knowledge in finance or related areas of finance such as management services, project planning and control, corporate planning, management audit internal audit, marketing analysis and economic analysis.

An increasing globalization of financial sectors has created an urge for qualified professionals with sound knowledge in management of assets, funds and financial services as well as financial and management accounting.

Pursuing Masters in Finance course helps you learn the concepts and theories related to:

• Financial Accounting
• Personnel Law & Management
• Business Law
• Managerial Economics
• Cost Management & Management Control
• Production Management
• Organizational Behavior
• Marketing Management
• Principles of Management
• Research Methodology
• Quantitative Methods in Management
• Financial Management
• Introduction to Computers / MIS
• Taxation Management (Planning)
• Effective Communication
• Finance Planning & Control System
• Human Resource Management
• Business Law II
• Business Environment
• Strategy Cost Management
• Financial Management II
• International Finance
• Entrepreneurship Management
• Auditing
• Quantitative Methods in Finance
• Management of Environment & Productivity
• Management of Banks & Financial Services
• Project Management
• Marketing Finance & Personnel Finance
• Strategic Management
• Business Ethics

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