Monday, July 8, 2013

MCA Affiliated to Mumbai University from ASM’s IMCOST

Information Technology is an exciting, vast and advanced field. Huge demand for knowledgeable and competent professional to fulfill various responsibilities and roles will never end but increase in every passing day. We, ASM IMCOST offer a three years full time masters degree course in computer applications with a view to fulfill the exciting employment opportunities exist in the information technology field. This Mumbai University MCA course with a practical oriented syllabus and curriculum offers a complete professional and personal grooming to students.

With over 30 years of experience in providing quality education, we have realized the importance of providing practical knowledge than stuffing the students with theoretical concepts to compete with others in the real time industrial environments. Hence, we designed and developed curriculum in such way to provide adequate industry exposure to students. We have well experienced staffs with industry knowledge providing knowledge on planning, designing and building complex commercial application software and system software.

Job opportunities of MCA graduates are vast and they can begin their career as a Junior Programmer and can gradually become Senior System Analyst and Project Lead or Manager.
Some of the application areas of the Mumbai University MCA Course include:
  • Banking
  • Stock exchange order processing
  • Simulation
  • Data base management
  • E-Commerce
  • Design, support and data communications
  • Networking
  • Embedded technologies
You can visit our website to know about the eligibility criteria, admission procedure and the course syllabus. Join us today to become tomorrow’s competent MCA professional.

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