Thursday, March 1, 2012

MCA for the Best Upgrade in the Corporate World

MCA or Masters in Computer Application is one of the booming courses in the Education Sector. The IT Industry is performing quite well and requires candidates who have outstanding scores in MCA. We at IMCOST ensure the student gets distinction and has done his groundwork in every course. It is an extremely balanced course with a lot of emphasis on planning, designing & building of complex commercial application software & system software and equal importance given to functional knowledge in various areas. We know what the corporate sector wants when it comes to Master’s Degree. The overall course details are according to latest trends and developments in the IT sector. It’s a three years full time course which ensures the student to understand the working of systems and the computer in whole.

We have dedicated an entire semester for project work which is very important in the life of the student. His/her future totally depends on the project and assignment given for MCA course. We have our own website which can tell you precise details about the course, all you need to do is go through our website. We have industrial experienced faculty which knows the working of various systems. They have real hands on experience which says a lot when it comes to educational courses. MCA is not just a postgraduate course, but also a complete professional grooming of the student. Every chapter in the course is worth studying and understanding. We have a huge placement cell which ensures the candidate is posted in top notch companies. Every year we receive admissions which are more than the intake, we want those students who are serious and want to explore the world of computers and wish to make a career in this line.

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